UK review for Eat Sugar

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Posted 26 Mar 2010

Eat Sugar – Eat Sugar

Citing LCD Soundsystem and Shitdisco as influences, Eat Sugar are making a valiant attempt to bring electro-punk to a fresh audience using generous helpings of new-wave and indie.

This four-track debut EP meshes many of the prerequisites of the genre (hyperactive synths, indie-punk vocals, warp-speed tempos) with some original touches like the creepy keyboards and hi-hats of ‘Black Eye’. Potential single ‘Sixteen’ sounds like a Kraftwerk remix of The Chemical Brothers’ seminal ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’ as told to Daft Punk (search on YouTube for the energetic video) while closer ‘Brown Boots’ splices in a church organ sound to lend drama to the song’s repeating mantra: ‘Brown boots and a leather bag / The saddest day, the saddest day’.

For a band who only formed 12 months ago, Eat Sugar already sound remarkably like the finished product. Thanks to their distillation of three or four genres into one distinctive sound, this Cincinnati foursome may have a big year or two ahead.

Chris McCague – Tasty Fanzine