Eat Sugar are Spin’s Artist of the Day

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Posted 18 Jan 2008

Who? Eat Sugar sprung from the Midwestern womb of Cincinnati at the end of 2006 and has since taken the scene by storm with their spastic brand of electro-charged dance pop. Aidan Bogosian (vocals), Jim Reynolds (bass/synth), Greg Poneris (drums), and Erin Proctor (synth) have shared stages with the likes of Voxtrot, VHS or Beta, Calla, and Enon, and the band’s self-released eponymous EP is available now.

What’s the Deal? Eat Sugar’s hot-blooded, punk-laced hooks are well-suited for fans of Shitdisco, LCD Soundsystem, and fellow Dayton, Ohio alt-rockers Brainiac. Bogosian’s nervy yapping brings a quirky vibe to their mini debut while the rest of his bandmates keep up with an unshakable, raw power. From the angsty bass lines of “I’m a Carrier” and the post-punk punch of “Brown Boots” to the propulsive sass of “Sixteen,” Eat Sugar combines bold, vigorous lyrics and upbeat electro-pop melodies. “That chick’s on fire,” Bogosian quips over razor-sharp synth beats. Well, the same thing can be said for Eat Sugar.

Fun Fact: Eat Sugar took their name from an art exhibition titled “Eat Sugar Spend Money,” which was on display at Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center in the early ’90s. – Spin