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WOXY Dies, Surfer Blood Lives

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Posted 14 Apr 2010

The WOXY plane went crashing into the mountain a mere two days after hosting some amazing Lounge Act sessions during SXSW 2010. I know this because I was there. You most likely were not there, but hopefully you were one of the thousands listening online. Otherwise, you missed out. With WOXY up in flames, all of the recordings and videos from that week are stuck in digital limbo, with no sign of escape to the public by being added to the grand Lounge Acts Archive or recapped on the Futurist. All of them are trapped, all of them except one…

The boys of Surfer Blood are young, kind, and creative. They are one of 2010′s most quickly rising stars in independent music, and for good reasons. Their music is loud and driving, but reserves some of that pop sensibility. Perhaps that’s from the mixure of heavy fuzz guitars and Juno synth, or maybe it’s the upbeat rhythm and catchy melodies. However you measure it, Surfer Blood are the defining sound of today’s indie newcomers. They are a defining sound of the last days of WOXY.

May Surfer Blood’s future be as bright and rich as WOXY’s past.


Surfer Blood – WOXY Lounge Act – SXSW 2010

Track List:
Floating Walls
Take It Easy
- interview -
Fast Jabroni
Twin Peaks